NetJack - Jack Over The Net

Netjack is a Realtime Audio Transport over a generic IP Network. It is fully integrated into JACK.

When you transport Audio Signals over a Network, you will always have the problem, that two Computers are bound to two different Sample Clocks. The other Network Transports face the Problem of compensating for the drift between these Sample Clocks. This is very hard to do.

NetJack works around this problem, by syncing all Clients to one Soundcard. So there will be no resampling or glitches in the whole network. Packet loss is now also handled gracefully. By using the celt codec, its even possible, that single packet losses get masked by the Packet Loss Concealment Code.

Some more info is in the wiki



bah... the JackRouter was broken in 0.4 ... this release provides Jack binding via a modified version of Wine Asio. It also provides the jacktransport via ASIO timecode. if an app like reaper supports it, you get sample accurate sync. JackNone-0.5.exe


Most stuff has hit the jack2 svn now. But the fixed audioadapter hasnt yet. Also the windows release didnt have netone built. This is jack-1.9.4 ! i just found out, that the default socketbuffers on win are 8K. thats much too low, this issue is fixed. in this release. It is also built with celt-0.7... jacknone-0.4_setup.exe


This fixes some issues with netxruns, which were not reported, and were happening unnecessary. jacknone-0.3.2.tar.bz2


There was a bug in the capture part of the audioadapter stuff. jacknone-0.3.1.tar.bz2


i merged jack2-1.9.3 into my codebase. Seems to work fine. jacknone-0.3.tar.bz2 oh... and here is a pyglade gui for jack_netsource, its far from being completed, but at least its a start.


i have ported netjack1 to jack2 now. While there are some disputes about the quality of the code, i am releasing my own version of jack2 with netjack1 as jacknone. There is also a windows build available.

Source tarball for Linux: jacknone-0.2.tar.bz2
Installer for windows: jacknone-0.4_setup.exe

Netjack1 is part of jack1 since version 0.116.0, so no need to go through all this hassle, which was described on this page in the past.


On the master machine, start up your normal jackd. Then Start

jack_netsource -h SLAVEMACHINE

Your Terminal will be filled with debug output now. In the meantime the program opened a jack client with 2 In and 2 Out Ports. These ports will be connected to the other end of the network, where you start:

jackd -R -d netone


The slave machines JackTransport is synced to the Master machines Transport. So try to avoid touching transport controls on the slave, and start the transport on the master machine.


this is free software under the GPL license, see the file COPYING.


torbenh _at_ gmx _dot_ de ( mail me, if you use it, please )

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